What we do

We can add the most value to your project if we're involved at a planning stage

We regularly work with the Channel Islands premier Architects, Builders and Interior Designers and are often involved early on in the planning stage.

We can advise on all aspects of the technology which people come to expect in a modern home. If you are building a new home, or just an extention, it is important to think about the technical needs of the rooms as early as possible so you can plan what you want and get the correct wiring in place.

Consider all your options...

  • Lighting Design

Lighting Design

We have been designing lighting scheme for over 5 years and in that time have completed over 50 projects. The majority of our projects utilise LED lighting and so save their owners 80% on the electricity for lighting the house.

We use the very best light fittings from UK and Europe. One of our primary suppliers of modern fittings is Deltalight which with a large range of modern fittings enable exciting contemporary solutions to be provided.

  • -don't settle for boring rows of downlights
  • -use quality LED fittings
  • -involve a designer as early as possible
  • -plan how you want to use each room and where major pieces of furniture will be
  • -the position of say the TV is very important for the lighting design

  • Lighting Control

Lighting Control

With the increased popularity of open plan living one room can now have many individual lighting circuits. This becomes cumbersome with traditional light switches where you need a switch or a dimmer for every circuit. Once you get above four switches together then it is hard to remember which is which and with rotary dimmers which is on and which is off.

A lighting control system hides the complexity and allows you to concentrate on what you need the lighting to do, Cooking, Eating, Watch TV and with one button press you can re-call the perfect stored settings.

  • -set a scene for each room use
  • -single button press to recall stored scenes
  • -single wall plate controls all the circuits
  • -control and set scens from your iPhone or iPad

  • Heating Control

Heating Control

To maximise your comfort whilst minimising your heating bills it is important that you control the temperature in each and every room. It makes no sense to have a heating system with no temperature controls, radiator TRV valves only provide very approximate temperature control. It is also not sensible to have to turn up the temperature in the hall to make the living room comfortable.

We supply and install the Honeywell Hometronic heating controls system which provides accurate temperature control for each room.

  • -more comfort
  • -lower bills
  • -installed in a day
  • -normally no plumbing changes
  • -only a small amount of wiring to be done

  • Multi Room digital audio

Multi Room digital audio

We have been installing the SONOS music system for over seven years and it keeps on getting better.

You can play your digitised music from your computer, from your phone, from your tablet or stream anything you fancy straight from the web.

We design, supply and commission the right system for your house and your budget.

  • -All the music on earth in every room wirelessly
  • -can easily be retro fitted
  • -if you move you can take it with you

  • Plan your visual entertainment

Plan your visual entertainment

TV's have become much more capable but it is also much more complicated to get the right installation. There are a number of important considerations for every TV in the house. If you don't design your entertainment system and wiring you are likely to be disappointed.

  • -on the wall or on a cabinet?
  • -how to hide the wiring
  • -where will the Sky box go?
  • -where to store the DVD's ?
  • -HD distribution to other rooms?
  • -cinema surround sound?
  • -does it need a home network connection?