Sensible Technology is the approved distributor of the Honeywell evohome smart heating system for the Channel Islands.

We bring unrivaled local experience in the design and installation of this system. Unlike other control systems the evohome system can be retrospectively fitted to your home, usually in one day, and generally does not require changes to your plumbing.

The signals to and from the Radiator Controllers are by radio, so do not require any wiring and simply replace the standard Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) to give you accurate control of the temperature in each room.

This multi-room system allows you control each room of your home independantly meaning you only heat spaces as-and-when they're needed and also minimising wasted energy and your heating costs.

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EvoHome Wi-Fi

  • Evohome Connected Thermostat

Evohome Connected Thermostat

The heart of the system is the Evohome Connected Thermostat, which requires just a mains supply and would normally be fitted in the Kitchen or Hall so it is convenient as you arrive and leave your property. This easy to use, touch screen controller is used to set the temperature for each room. Each Room can have a different temperature set (setpoint) for each period of the day.

  • Radiator Control

Radiator Control

The Radiator Controller fits onto the radiator instead of your Thermostatic Radiator Valve. If you do not have Thermostatic Valves they can be fitted quite easily and your savings will be even greater.

  • Underfloor controller

Underfloor controller

Each Underfloor controller controls 5 loops or circuits and can be extended to 8 with an extension unit. Multiple Underfloor controllers can be used.

  • Room sensor

Room sensor

For underfloor heating and for enclosed radiators it is necessary to have a wireless temperature sensor mounted within the room.

It is often a good idea to fit this sensor/adjuster in Guest suites because then your guests have complete control of their room temperature.

  • iPad or iPhone control

iPad or iPhone control

Use the free total connect comfort app to control your heating from anywhere in the world (internet connection required).