We have a long and successful track record of supplying and custom installing stunning TVs, Home Cinemas and multi-room audio systems.

There's more choice than ever before when it comes to getting TV and music into your home.  We can provide suggestions on the best ways to acheive your home entertainment aims. We are local agents for a number of the world's best audiovisual brands.




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  • Multi-room Audio

Multi-room Audio

Fill every room of your home with music. Sensible have been delivering multi-room audio to Guernsey homes for over a decade and are well-known as installers of Sonos. We also supply the excellent Denon Heos system.

  • Simply on the wall

Simply on the wall

If you are going to hang your TV on the wall obviously you don't want to see any wires, plugs, aerials etc hanging down. This means the positioning of the mains outlets, aerial cables, HD distribution needs to be considered vary carefully prior to closing up the wall.

  • Heard but not seen

Heard but not seen

Want full room sound but would rather not have speakers cluttering up your walls or ceilings? Sensible is a registered supplier of the impressive Amina Invisible speakers. These plaster-in speakers are built into the walls or ceilings of your home or office making them completely invisible.

  • Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture

Mounting the TV on the wall is not always the best solution. We supply and install Spectral smart furniture that is combines class-leading levels of integration and design.