Country House

The addition of a new oak framed extension adds a new dimension to this traditional Guernsey granite house

We were thrilled to be awarded the contract to design supply and commission virtually all the technology in this lovely house. It has been a fantastic project, we are now designing the garden lighting.

Key Features

  • -Complete house lighting design
  • -Complete house lighting control system
  • -Automatic lighting features
  • -SONOS digital audio throughout the house
  • -Home Cinema system for lounge
  • -Heating control for underfloor and radiators
  • -TV distribution
  • -Home network


  • KItchen


LED lighting both inside the skylight and as task lighting onto the worktops and island unit provide very efficient bright kitchen

  • -Helvar whole house lighting control
  • -Sonos music via invisible speakers
  • -underfloor heating control
  • -TV distribution

  • Skylight


A skylight brings natural light into the Kitchen but will leave a dark area at night if no lighting is added. Here we used small LED lights all the way round the skylight to make a feature and provide light to the work surface below.

  • Feature window

Feature window

A lovely stained glass window had been restored and used on the staircase overlooking the new extension. By positioning an LED strip light in the windowsill we were able to both backlight the window onto the stairs and highlight the stained glass in the breakfast room.

  • Hidden lighting

Hidden lighting

Most of the light in the oak framed extension is hidden on top of the oak beams. This illuminates the white sloping ceilings giving soft secondary lighting to the space below.

Halogen wall lights give warm lighting, when dimmed, for a cosy atmosphere for watching TV.

  • Special guest room

Special guest room

This bedroom is lit with hidden LED strip lights and down-lights in the dormer windows. This provide soft cosy lighting.

The speakers for the SONOS sound system are also accomadated in the hanging ceiling.

The lighting control wall switches can be seen either side of the bed

  • Outside


Ground lights highlight the walls and LED wall lights by the doors light the way in.