Guernsey Farmhouse

Virtually all the light fittings in this house are LED. It was one of the first houses in Guernsey to have such energy efficient lighting.

Key Features

  • -lighting design for the whole house and garden
  • -lighting control system for main reception areas of the house
  • -supply and commission all lights
  • -music system in 8 rooms
  • -WiFi system


  • Kitchen


It is very important to position the lighting to maximise both the effect and the effectiveness.

A mixture of wall lights and down lights gives flexibility when setting lighting scenes.

  • Entrance hall

Entrance hall

Creating a dramatic entrance with carefully selected lighting

  • -square LED up-lights fitted flush with the floor
  • -spotlight picks out featured furniture

  • Dining Room

Dining Room

A special occasion needs special lighting.

  • -Where possible alcoves should always be lit.
  • -Low shaded table lighting provides an intimate atmosphere
  • -Ceiling speakers provide the music

  • Sunroom


Hidden lighting, in this case inside the oak beams, which is reflected off the ceiling provides soft relaxing light

  • -small speakers mounted on the oak beams provide music
  • -spotlights provide pools of light for reading