Re-modeled 60's bungalow

The home technology was installed as part of a major upgrade of this bungalow.

Key Features

  • -whole house lighting design and control
  • -SONOS music system
  • -CATENA TV furniture
  • -Home cinema
  • -Hometronic heating system


  • Lighting design

Lighting design

This design uses predominately Deltalight fittings giving an up to date look to the newly created open plan living area

  • -lights used as functional wall decoration

  • TV wall lighting

TV wall lighting

TV's should not be placed on a dark wall because it will give you eye strain. Ideally the wall needs to be lit to a similar intensity to the TV and in a way where the lights do not produce glare on the screen.

  • -wall lights to illuminate wall either side of TV

  • Corridor lighting

Corridor lighting

  • -low level light can provide interesting lighting in corridors

  • Music


This home uses a mixture of ceiling speakers, (hall, office and bathroom) and wall speakers (Kitchen, Dining and Lounge). The music can also be played through the home cinema system.

  • -small stainless steel speakers can be used where ceiling speakers are not suitable
  • -This speaker is just a little bigger than a grapefruit.

  • Home cinema

Home cinema

Most homes do not have the space to dedicate a room for a cinema. This solution neatly combines the speakers for the surround sound, storage for the satellite box and BluRay player and the discs all in one stunning piece of furniture.

The TV swivels on a built-in pedestal and all the clutter is hidden away.

  • Stair lighting

Stair lighting

  • -tread lighting is very effective